The Adoption Process

Want a look inside the entire adoption process? We’re all for complete transparency. Read on for a step-by-step guide through adoptions with Oklahoma Adoption Attorney Christopher A. Wood & Associates, PC. This will show you what to expect every step of the way.


-Ask and expect answers for any questions you might have

-Share information on biological parent(s)

-Share Birth Certificate, Last Custody Order, & Child Support Order when applicable.


-Fill out Intake Form in office or virtually. Make sure everything is completed, but especially the following:
A. Full legal names, not just first and last.
B. Identify any possible Indian heritage for yourself and biological parents.
C. Full information about the biological parent we are seeking to terminate.
D. Full information about legal proceedings, including if there is an Order for Child Support from DHS or divorce or
paternity case.

-Get answers to any remaining Questions

-Go over payment plan and timeline.

-Sign contract and process payment.

-Obtain Social Medical History Form to complete.


-Affordable Legal Services team files the adoption papers.

These include the Petition, UCCJEA, Full Disclosure Statement if Direct Placement, Birth Certificate, Last Custody Order, ICWA Notice if Indian Heritage involved or suspected, Death Certificate if deceased parent, VPO request if applicable.

Additionally completed at this time: Affordlaw will finalize Application, Notice and Hearing for Termination of Parental Rights if applicable, Affordlaw will send a records request to the Oklahoma DHS, OSBI and the Court Clerk for a Victim Protective Order records check.


-Affordlaw must make sure that the parent being terminated has been served and a Return of Service is file and scanned.

-Affordlaw will Prepare Order Terminating Rights, Consent and Questions if the parent is consenting.

-You will be present or appear by video and provide a short amount of testimony about the birth parent being terminated.

-Affordlaw will mail a certified copy of Order terminating the parent to parents last known address.

-Make the second payment after the termination or consent of the parent


-Affordable Legal Services will finalize the Attorney Affidavit, (informing the Judge everything is completed), the Final Decree, Certificate of Adoption, any additional consent, Disclosure Statement for fees, Affidavit of Expenses for clients, and Motion to Approve Costs

-Affordable Legal Service will file a Motion to Waive Home StudyMake the final payment for the adoption.

-The case will be Set for Final Hearing.


-Client approves final paperwork.

-During Pandemic confirm video appearance and test before final hearing.

-After the pandemic, make sure clients have directions to the courthouse and know which Judge.

-At the Final Hearing you may take pictures and videos if desired.

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